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Here’s what we have in store for you, you’re going to love this.

The Ayla Set

Make a statement with the Ayla set, create the impression you trust your instinct, it’s bold colors speaking for you as you attend any event. Style and comfort the Ayla set is always a hit.

The Belle Top

People will always stare and you can make it worth their while with the belle top, with it’s warm neutral tones and a fiery front, wear this to brunch/drinks with the girls and movie nights

The Florence Set

Can we hear it for the back of this set. it screams fun and daring to try something new… casual in the front, party at the back.

The Samira Dress

Let the samira dress speak speak for you, with it’s lush feel and it’s perfect wrap around your body, present yourself on a cruise with this dress

The Mya Set

We all know boldness when we see it and the Mya set showcases that with it’s electro prints that just hits different, what better place to wear this than a cocktail party.

The Zaya Dress

Elegant, dashing and daring is what the Zaya dress presents to you, backing up your confidence with good look, step into this dress for a dinner and leave everyone in awe.

The Duchess Set
(Green, Red, Coffee & Rose)

The Duchess set, allows you to express your luxurious side backing it up with elegance, wear this set to a wedding and stand out.

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